Contacts-in-the-city: A Comprehensive Guide to Preventing Contact Lens Discomfort and Irritation

Looking stylish can be quite a hassle if you are wearing glasses. Contacts lenses offer a comfortable and low-key option that helps you achieve the desired look during the day. But sometimes, wearing contacts can cause a lot of discomfort and irritation, that can leave you feeling like you need to go back to glasses quicker than anticipated.

Fortunately, we have got you covered with this comprehensive guide for preventing contact lens discomfort and irritation.

1. Regular check-up

The first step to preventing contact lens discomfort and irritation is by scheduling regular checkups with your eye doctor. This ensures that your contacts prescription is updated, the fit is good, and that they are still the best option for you.

2. Clean up

Cleanliness is essential when handling contact lenses. Before handling your lenses, you must clean your hands with soap and water to remove any oils that could get transferred onto your contacts. Ensure that you dry your hands with a clean lint-free towel, and use only the solutions recommended for cleaning and storing your lenses.

3. Take breaks

It is essential to take breaks from wearing contacts. This allows your eyes to rest and breathe from the constant barrier created by the lenses. If you have an active lifestyle or work in a dusty environment, you might need to take more frequent breaks to avoid complications.

4. Keep them moisturized

Dryness is one of the primary causes of contact lens irritation. Using artificial tears helps lubricate your lenses and provide moisture that your eyes need. It is essential to use the right eye drops as the wrong ones can make the situation worse.

5. Replace on time

Contacts, like any other product, have an expiry date. Wearing them past their due date can lead to infection, irritation, and other complications. Make sure you replace them promptly and never attempt to extend their duration.

6. Protect your eyes

It is important to safeguard your eyes against environmental dust and make-up. When applying makeup, ensure the products don’t get into your eyes, and remove it immediately when you are done. Also, always wear protective eyegear during activities such as swimming and skiing, which can expose your eyes to different hazards.

In conclusion, contacts are a wonderful invention that has made the lives of many people easier. Following the above steps will help you reduce contact lens discomfort and irritation and enable you to wear them more comfortably. Remember, prevention is better than cure and your ultimate goal is to keep your eyes in tip-top shape while looking elegant.

I do not have a preference on contact lenses. However, it is crucial to remember that proper contact lens care and usage can help prevent eye infections and other complications. Always follow your eye care professional’s instructions regarding contact lens care and usage, and don’t hesitate to contact them if you experience any discomfort or irritation.

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