How to Know If You Need a Contact Lens Prescription Update

Let’s face it, we all get a little lazy when it comes to our contact lenses. Especially when we think our eyesight is good enough to avoid a check-up altogether. However, it is crucial to have regular appointments to avoid any damage to your precious eyes. Here are some telltale signs that you might need a contact lens prescription update!

Blurry Vision

If you notice that your vision is blurrier than usual, it’s probably time for an update. This could be a sign that your prescription has changed, and your lenses are no longer providing the right amount of correction. Don’t just adjust and compensate for the blur, book a check-up with your optometrist as soon as possible so they can determine if an update is needed.

Eye Strain or Fatigue

Do you experience eye strain or fatigue when wearing your contact lenses for an extended period? This could be a sign that your lenses are no longer the right strength for your eyes. So, take some time off and book an appointment to avoid any complications in the long run.

Dryness or Redness of the Eyes

Dryness or redness of the eyes is a common issue that contact lens wearers have to face. However, if the issue persists and worsens, it’s a red flag that an update is needed. This could mean that your contacts are not fitting correctly, and the material might not be the best for your eyes. So, stop being stubborn, and book that appointment.

Headaches or Eye Pain

Headaches or eye pain are not normal. If you’re experiencing any of these symptoms while wearing your contact lenses, it is time to look into updating your prescription. This might be because your lenses are not providing enough correction, and your eyes are working extra hard to compensate.

It’s Been More Than a Year Since Your Last Appointment

If you can’t remember the last time you saw an optometrist, then you need to get on that ASAP. Regardless of your age or health, it’s important to have regular check-ups to ensure that your eyes are in good health. So, don’t procrastinate any longer, pick up the phone and book an appointment today!

In conclusion, keeping up with regular optometrist appointments is critical for anyone who wears contact lenses. Don’t ignore any abnormal symptoms or changes in vision, as it could be a sign that an update is needed. Think about it this way; your eyes are your windows to the world, so give them the love and care they deserve.

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