Tips for Keeping Your Contact Lenses Clean While Enjoying Outdoor Activities

Contact lenses can be a game-changer for those with visual impairments. However, it’s important to maintain their cleanliness to avoid possible infections. Outdoor activities, in particular, can make it challenging to keep your lenses clean.

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Here are some tips to help you keep them clean while enjoying your favorite outdoor activities:

1. Carry an Extra Pair of Contacts

If you’re planning a long hiking or camping trip, carrying an extra pair of contacts might come in handy. This way, if your current one gets dirty or damaged, you can quickly swap them out for a clean set.

2. Keep Eye Drops Handy

For those who wear contact lenses, eye drops are a must. They help lubricate the eyes and keep them moist. Sometimes, dust, pollen, or other allergens can get into your eyes. Eye drops will keep your eyes hydrated and assist in flushing out any foreign debris while wearing your contact lenses.

3. Use Non-Aerosol Sunscreen

Sunscreen can protect your skin from harmful sun rays while being outdoors. However, some aerosol sunscreen can float in the air and lead to direct contact with your contact lenses. It’s best to opt for non-aerosol sunscreen to avoid this issue.

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4. Clean Hands Make a Difference

Before inserting or removing contact lenses, make sure to wash your hands thoroughly to avoid introducing any microorganisms into the eyes. Using an alcohol-based hand sanitizer is another option if there is no access to clean water. Keeping a hand sanitizer in your backpack can help in case of unexpected circumstances.

5. Don’t Wear Lenses While Swimming

Swimming with contact lenses is a big no-no. Pools, lakes or oceans carry germs and other bacteria that can lead to severe corneal infections. Wear prescription goggles instead.

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6. Stay Away from Dusty and Polluted Areas

If you plan on going for a hike or camping in an area with excessive dust and pollen, try to avoid wearing your contact lenses for too long. It’s best to switch to glasses to prevent any allergic reactions or dirt build-up in your lenses.

In conclusion, keeping your contact lenses clean while indulging in outdoor activities is possible with proper care and attention. Keep these tips in mind, wear sunglasses to protect your eyes from the sunlight, and get out there and enjoy all that nature has to offer!

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