How to Keep Your Bright Eyes Safe While Playing Contact Sports!

Goggles aren’t just for nerds!

Ahoy, fellow sports enthusiasts! Are you tired of your glasses constantly
slipping down your nose while trying to score a goal or make that epic
touchdown? You might be considering taking the plunge and donning contact
lenses to improve your performance. But wait, there’s more to this
decision than just clear vision!

Safeguard your precious peepers with these game-changing tips:

Blinky blinks when you need it

When you’re playing an intense contact sport, you can’t just close your
eyes every time something comes hurtling in your direction. However,
keeping your eyes well-lubricated is super important. You don’t need any
faulty vision due to your lenses drying out faster than a cactus in a
desert. Don’t forget to blink regularly and use eye drops approved for
lens wearers to keep your eyes feeling fresh. So, blink away, my friends!

Fancy fitting and funky frames

Before you hop into the arena, visit your trusty optometrist to get a
proper fitting for your contact lenses. Ensuring the size and fit are just
right will prevent any eye-related mishaps during all those fast-paced
sports shenanigans. And hey, why not sport some snazzy sports glasses with
lenses made especially for athletics? You’ll not only look awesome but
also add an extra layer of protection to those precious peepers!

Boogie away the bacteria

Cleanliness is next to awesomeness, folks! Make it a rule to wash your
hands before inserting or removing your contact lenses. You don’t want any
grubby germs finding their way into your eyes. Also, regularly clean and
disinfect your lenses as advised by your friendly optometrist. It goes
without saying that sharing lenses or using anyone else’s is strictly a
‘no-no.’ Keep those peepers pristine and party on!

Embrace the backup plan

Let’s face it, even the best-laid plans may go awry. Sometimes your lenses
can misbehave and decide to tap out in the middle of the game without
giving a warning. So, keeping a pair of glasses handy in your sports bag is
a smart move. You don’t want to end up blindly swinging away at the wrong
target or peering into the abyss when you should be catching that soaring
touchdown pass. Be prepared, folks!

A touch of redness? Sit it out!

Our eyes are marvelous, but they can’t speak up when they’re in distress.
So, it’s up to us to keep an eye out (pun intended) for any redness,
irritation, or pain. If your precious globes are throwing a tantrum, take
that as a clear sign to hit the bench and let your eyes recover. Trying to
prove you’re the MVP while hurting your peepers is just not worth it, my

Off-the-charts fun and safety!

Remember, folks, the essence of playing contact sports is to have fun while
staying safe. By following these handy tips, you’ll be able to enjoy the
excitement of the game, with crisp vision, and avoid any unpleasant eye
injuries. So, suit up, grab your contacts, and conquer the field with a
twinkle in your eyes!