By: a Ski-loving Visionary

Time to Shred the Slopes!
Are you an avid skier who loves the sensation of flying down the mountainside? Well, then you’ve come to the right place! If you’re donning a pair of contact lenses, there are a few things you need to know before hitting the slopes.

Embrace the Benefits of Contacts

Wearing contact lenses while skiing can be a game-changer. Unlike glasses, they won’t get fogged up or obstruct your peripheral vision. You can enjoy the breathtaking winter landscapes without any visual distractions. Plus, no more worrying about your glasses slipping off and getting buried in the snow!

Moisturize, Moisturize, Moisturize!

One crucial thing to keep in mind when skiing with contact lenses is the dry mountain air. It can make your eyes feel parched faster than you can say “powder snow.” Remember to bring along some lubricating eye drops to keep your lenses hydrated and your eyes feeling fresh. Besides, who doesn’t want to enjoy the snowy wonderland with sparkly, comfortable eyes?

Say No to Water Sports

We all know skiing can lead to some spectacular wipeouts, especially for the less experienced among us (no shame in that!). While contact lenses are fabulous for skiing, they aren’t the best buddies when it comes to getting wet. So, if your skiing adventure includes water sports like skiing through slushy terrains or taking on snowboarding jumps that may lead to sudden submersion, it’s best to switch to your trusty spectacles to avoid losing your lenses in the powdery abyss.

Avoid the Temptation

As you’re skiing down the mountain at lightning speed, goggles shielding your eyes, you might glance at your lens case, conveniently tucked in your pocket. The thought of giving your eyes a break may be tempting, but remember to resist! The snowy slopes are not the place to experiment with taking out your contacts – the risk of losing them or contaminating your lenses with snow or dirt is not worth the temporary convenience.

Protect Your Eyes with Shades

While wearing your contact lenses, don’t forget to sport a funky pair of ski goggles to protect your eyes from harsh wind, UV rays, and snow glare. Remember, those rays reflecting off the glistening snow can be pretty intense! Just make sure your goggles fit well and snugly over your contacts, and you’ll be good to go. Stylish and practical – what more could you ask for?

The Indoors vs. Outdoors Dilemma

Once you’ve conquered the slopes and are ready to cozy up indoors for a hot cocoa or après-ski chill, make sure to remove your contact lenses when you no longer need them. Give your eyes a break and switch to your regular glasses. You’ll appreciate the comfort, and it’s a great opportunity to show off your frames and give your eyes a chance to breathe.

Now, Go On and Enjoy the Ride!

With all these contact lens tips in mind, you’re all set to take on the mountains with confidence. So grab your skis, put on your contacts, and hit the powder like a pro. Get ready to soak in the adrenaline, conquer the slopes, and create memories that will last a lifetime! Happy skiing!



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