Hold On! Before You Sleep With Your Lenses In…

Want to see clearly without the hassle of glasses? Extended wear contact lenses might be the answer! They provide the convenience of not having to deal with pesky spectacles, but like everything in life, there are some risks and complications to be aware of. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!

The Eye-opening Don’ts of Extended Wear Contact Lenses

One of the biggest risks of extended wear contact lenses is the temptation to be lazy. It’s oh-so-tempting to fall asleep with your lenses in after a late-night Netflix binge, but believe us, your eyes won’t forgive you! Sleeping with your lenses in can cause serious irritation and potentially lead to infections – not exactly a dream come true!

Moisturize and Hydrate – Your Eyes Will Thank You!

Another common complication of extended wear contact lenses is dryness. Imagine putting on a cozy sweater, only to realize it’s made of sandpaper! Well, that’s what dry eyes feel like. Keep your trusty eye drops nearby, and stay hydrated! Drinking water is not just for mermaids, you know?

Give Your Eyes a Breath of Fresh Air!

No, we don’t mean taking your eyes on a tropical vacation (although that sounds pretty fabulous)! We’re talking about letting your eyes breathe. Extended wear contact lenses are like little blankets that cover your precious peepers. Give your eyes the occasional break and allow them to go au naturel. It’s time for your beautiful eyes to shine and catch some well-deserved attention!

Regular Maintenance – Not Just for Cars

Think of your lenses as your personal pets – not in a creepy way, of course! They need love, care, and regular cleaning. Poorly maintained lenses can cause nasty eye infections, and trust us, the only red carpet you’ll be walking with those is to the optometrist’s office!

The Final Verdict – Balance is Key!

Extended wear contact lenses can be super convenient and life-changing, but it’s important to balance that with proper care and maintenance. Follow the advice of your eye care professional and never hesitate to seek their guidance whenever you need it. Keep rocking those lenses and enjoying clear vision, but always remember – eyesight is a gift worth protecting!

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