What to Expect During a Contact Lens Exam

Preparing for an Eye Adventure!

Contact Lens Exam

Ahoy, there! So, you’ve decided to leave the old spectacles behind and embark on an eye adventure with contact lenses. Bravo! But wait, what should you expect during a contact lens exam before casting yourself adrift on this ocular odyssey? Fear not, me matey, for I shall guide you through the treacherous waters of lens fitting with a jolly good time!

Capturing a Detailed Map

To begin our journey, the mighty optometrist shall assess your eye health and determine your prescription strength. They will use advanced technology to gather valuable intel about your eyeballs – from their curvature to their moisture levels. This precise map of your peepers will ensure you get a custom-fit pair of lenses designed to sail comfortably upon your corneas.

Ye Shall Be Coached

Fear not, landlubber! During your contact lens exam, the optometrist or an experienced technician will teach you the art of inserting, removing, and caring for the lenses. They’ll guide your hand, share valuable top tips, and show you some nifty tricks – like the perfect pirate’s technique for handling delicate lenses. Yo-ho-ho!

Charting Unexplored Waters

Eye Chart

Once you’ve acquired your lenses, it’s time for the optometrist to set sail on a voyage of trial and error. You’ll try on different types and brands of lenses to find the perfect match for your peepers. Together, you shall navigate the uncharted waters of comfort, vision clarity, and eye sensitivity until you uncover the hidden treasure that is a perfect pair of lenses!

All Hands on Deck!

Now that you have found the ideal contact lenses, it’s time to embark on your swashbuckling life with clear vision! The optometrist will provide you with the necessary prescriptions, instructions, and schedules to keep your lenses shipshape and your eyes as bright as the North Star. Ahoy, life without the hassle of glasses awaits ye!

Farewell to the Spectacle Age

Happy Contact Lens User

Avast ye! The contact lens exam may seem daunting at first, but fear not, my friend. With your trusty optometrist as your guide, this voyage shall be a breeze. So set your sights on the horizon and prepare to leave the spectacle age behind – a new world of convenience and eye freedom awaits you! Bon voyage!

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