TikTok users were left amazed and spooked after witnessing a woman’s “sunglass” contact lenses that gave her a demonic appearance.

A woman’s special contact lenses, which also acted as sunglasses to protect her eyes, caused quite a stir on TikTok.

User ’emilyzeck’ claimed to have discovered these contact lenses in 2022 from TikTok. However, she was shocked to find out that they actually changed the appearance of her eyes after spending a short period of time in the sun.

She shared a video on TikTok showcasing her demon-eyed look with the lenses, leaving viewers equally horrified and amazed by the existence of sunglass contact lenses.

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TikToker spooked after new contact lenses make her eyes “demonic”

Emily, wearing the “game changer” contact lenses, stepped outside for a few minutes before returning inside and zooming in on her eyes to reveal the dramatic darkening of their color.

Many agreed that her eyes appeared much darker and almost demonic, although some viewers admitted that their eyes naturally had a similar color.

One user even questioned if their own eyes looked demonic due to the similarity in color. However, for others who hoped these lenses would be a solution for astigmatism, they were advised not to get too excited.

Fortunately, a helpful viewer managed to find the link to purchase these contact lenses online. So, whether you want to spook your friends with eyes that turn a shade darker or you’re genuinely impressed by the invention that eliminates the need for intrusive sunglasses, the lenses used in the video were the “Acuvue oasis transitions.”

Eyes have also been a trending topic on TikTok for a different reason, as people are fascinated by the Euphoria trend that allows them to showcase all the different colors of their eyes in close-up videos.

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