A 25-year-old woman from the United Kingdom, Steph Carrasco, had a scary encounter that almost cost her eyesight due to her contact lenses.

Initially, she believed the itchiness in her eye was just a normal irritation from the lenses. However, upon visiting her eye doctor, she discovered that she had a severe bacterial infection. Her optometrist, Jack Brenton, quickly recognized the gravity of the situation and referred her to a specialist eye hospital.

Steph’s vision was in critical condition, and she spent a week in the hospital undergoing treatment. Her treatment involved using 72 eye drops every day in an attempt to reduce the size of the ulcer.

Steph, who works as a recruitment consultant in Cardiff, UK, shared her frightening experience and expressed her gratitude towards Jack and the hospital team. She stated, “When I got to the hospital, I could hardly see. It was really scary. Fortunately, Jack and the team were amazing. He didn’t let me leave the Specsavers store until he had sorted everything out with the hospital. He kept me calm during a very stressful time. He acted quickly and thoroughly, and I can’t thank him enough.”

Despite receiving 72 eye drops daily, Steph’s corneal ulcer did not improve, leading the medical team to decide on a cornea transplant. After three weeks, her vision showed improvement, and she is expected to make a full recovery by October, enabling her to return to work. While in the hospital, Steph learned from the medical staff that her infection was so severe that she could have lost her eyesight if it hadn’t been promptly treated.

Reflecting on her experience, Steph added, “It’s easy to ignore health problems, but this experience has taught me to never take my eyesight for granted. I feel incredibly fortunate to have had Jack and the hospital team there when I needed them the most.”

Meanwhile, Jack Brenton, the optometrist at the Specsavers branch in Cardiff Queen Street, emphasized the urgency of the situation. He explained that the aggressive bacteria in Steph Carrasco’s eye required immediate attention, and he was relieved that they promptly sent her to the hospital. While Steph is on the path to recovery, it is expected that her vision will return to normal within a month.

According to information from the NHS, as reported by the Daily Mail, corneal ulcers can be a severe condition that may lead to permanent vision loss. However, they can be treated with antibiotics or antifungal eye drops. Individuals who wear contact lenses, especially overnight, are at a higher risk of developing this infection, with the risk being ten times higher.

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