H2: The Trend of Colored and Patterned Contact Lenses

Gone are the days of just having plain eyes. The trend of wearing colored and patterned contact lenses has taken over the fashion world. Not just the average person, but even the most popular celebrities are following the trend of eye-catching (no pun intended) eye-wear.

H2: Kylie Jenner

Kylie Jenner is one of the biggest names known for her love of colored contact lenses. She has been seen wearing different shades of blue, green, and even purple contact lenses. The most drastic change in her eye color came with her “smoky quartz” lenses, which helped her achieve a dramatic, yet natural look.

H2: Lady Gaga

Who says colored lenses are only for everyday use? Lady Gaga proved that even on stage, one can rock a pair of tinted lenses. She rocked a pair of white contact lenses with black accents on them during her Joanne World Tour. The white lenses gave Lady Gaga an ethereal and otherworldly look, which perfectly matched her persona and character.

H2: Nicki Minaj

Nicki Minaj is one of the biggest names in the music industry, and as it turns out, also a fan of colored contact lenses. She has been seen wearing bright blue, pink, and even green lenses. Her whirlwind of colored lenses perfectly fits her energetic and fun-loving persona.

H2: Jennifer Aniston

Even the queen of romcoms, Jennifer Aniston didn’t shy away from trying out colored contact lenses. She wore a pair of blue-green lenses while filming the TV series Friends. It added a softness to her overall look and was a nice departure from her usual natural eye color.

H2: Conclusion

These celebrities prove that colored and patterned contact lenses are no longer just used when one needs correction. It has now become a way to express one’s individuality and add an element of fun to one’s look. Whether you’re going for a bold or subtle change, there’s a lens out there for everyone. So, next time you’re feeling adventurous, give it a try!

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