Contact Lens Related Eye Emergencies: What To Do During the Festive Season

With the festive season in full swing, many people are looking to change their appearance and enhance their looks for special occasions. One popular choice is contact lenses, which not only transform your eyes but also provide a convenient alternative to glasses for those with vision needs. However, it’s important to be prepared for potential contact lens-related eye emergencies during this time.

According to Mr. Debapriya Mukhopadhyay, Head of Professional Optometry Services at Aqualens, Lenskart, contact lenses are generally safe to use, but precautions should be taken to ensure eye health. Contact lens-related eye emergencies can range from infections to corneal scratches. Infections can be caused by bacterial or viral microorganisms, while corneal abrasions are often the result of improper handling or fitting of lenses.

It’s crucial to watch out for warning signs that may indicate an emergency. If you experience redness, pain, sensitivity to light, excessive tears, blurred vision, or persistent discharge, it’s important not to ignore these symptoms. Discomfort or the feeling of something stuck in the eye should also be taken seriously.

Festival activities, such as night-time celebrations and exposure to smoke and pollutants, can increase the risk of eye emergencies related to contact lenses. Prolonged wear and tear and improper care can further worsen these risks. Therefore, it’s essential to prioritize eye health and contact lens hygiene during the holiday season.

Dr. Bhupesh Singh, Senior Ophthalmologist at Bharti Eye Hospitals, warns that people often wear contact lenses for extended periods during the festive season and neglect proper hygiene standards. This combination can lead to potential ocular complications such as corneal infections and abrasions. If you experience symptoms like redness, sharp pain, or sudden vision disturbances, it’s crucial to immediately stop using contacts.

Dr. Singh also advises against attempting to self-diagnose or using unspecific over-the-counter drops as a temporary solution. Conditions like corneal ulcers can escalate quickly and may result in irreversible vision loss if not professionally managed. Therefore, it’s important to prioritize correct lens care routines and seek professional guidance instead of relying on temporary fixes.

To prevent contact lens-related eye emergencies, here are some precautionary tips for contact lens users:

1. Avoid purchasing cosmetic contact lenses from unreliable sources. Only buy contact lenses from reputable suppliers who adhere to appropriate hygiene and prescription standards.

2. Maintain good hygiene by following step-by-step care instructions on how to properly clean, disinfect, and store contact lenses.

3. Prepare an emergency kit that includes doctor-prescribed lubricating eye drops, a contact lens case, a multi-purpose solution, and a small mirror.

In case of an eye emergency during the holiday season, follow these important steps:

1. Remove contact lenses immediately with clean and dry hands and seek professional help. Do not try to solve the problem yourself, as this could worsen the situation.

2. If contamination is suspected, rinse your eyes with prescribed eye drops or clean, lukewarm water to remove any debris or contaminants.

3. Avoid rubbing your eyes, as it can worsen the problem and cause more damage. Keep your eyes as still as possible.

4. Apply lubricating eye drops specifically designed for contact lens wearers after consulting with an eye specialist. These drops can relieve discomfort and keep your eyes hydrated.

5. Avoid using over-the-counter eye medications without professional advice. Only a qualified healthcare professional can recommend the appropriate treatment.

Remember, in an eye emergency, time is of the essence. Take prompt action and seek professional help to ensure the best possible results for your eye health this festive season.

In conclusion, while the holidays are a time for celebration, it’s important to prioritize your eye health, especially if you wear contact lenses. By understanding the potential risks and taking necessary precautions, you can enjoy the festivities without compromising your vision. If an emergency arises, seek immediate help so that you can continue to celebrate with clear vision and peace of mind.

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