Linda Wichterlová, the wife of renowned chemist Otto Wichterle, passed away at the age of 106. Her grandson, Martin Wichterle, confirmed the news to the Czech News Agency, stating that she peacefully left us on Friday. As a tribute to her life, Linda will be laid to rest in her hometown of Prostějov in the Olomouc Region.

Linda Wichterlová began her studies in medicine before the outbreak of the Second World War. Unfortunately, due to the closure of Czechoslovak universities by the Nazis in 1939, she was unable to complete her education. However, she persevered and later pursued dentistry, eventually joining the Dental Research Institute in Prague. In addition to her dental work, Linda also collaborated with her husband on his groundbreaking research in the field of contact lenses.

Notably, both Linda and Otto Wichterle bravely signed “The Two Thousand Words” manifesto during the Prague Spring in 1968. Their courageous act of dissent against the communist regime led to their persecution in the years that followed.

Linda Wichterlová’s passing marks the end of an era, but her contributions to science and her unwavering spirit will always be remembered.

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