Michigan Contact Lens Revolutionizes Myopia Control with New Center: A Game-Changer for Vision CorrectionMichigan Contact Lens, a prominent eye care provider in Metro Detroit, is excited to announce the opening of the state-of-the-art Myopia Control Center, led by renowned optometrist Dr. Shira Kresch. Dr. Kresch, with her extensive expertise and groundbreaking contributions in the field of myopia control, is poised to revolutionize the approach and treatment of this common condition.

Dr. Kresch’s journey in myopia control began at Columbia University’s Department of Ophthalmology, where she spearheaded its myopia control clinic. As the former director of optometry at Kresge Eye Institute, she has had a profound impact on patients’ lives by delivering personalized and patient-centered care.

At the Myopia Control Center, children with myopia can benefit from Dr. Kresch’s vast knowledge and commitment to improving vision health. Recognizing the significance of personalized care, she specializes in various contact lens exams, including scleral lenses, gas permeable lenses, multifocal contact lenses, and lenses designed for individuals with high astigmatism. Dr. Kresch’s ability to adapt to each patient’s unique needs ensures that the treatment plan is tailored for optimal results.

Michigan Contact Lens takes great pride in having Dr. Shira Kresch at the helm of the Myopia Control Center. By focusing on myopia control, the center aims to address and manage the growing concern of nearsightedness in children and young adults. Through proactive strategies such as specialized contact lens fittings, prescription updates, and additional therapies, the center strives to slow down the progression of myopia and improve overall ocular health.

With increasing rates of myopia, Michigan Contact Lens recognizes the urgent need for dedicated myopia control services. Dr. Kresch’s expertise in this field, combined with the center’s commitment to providing cutting-edge technology and innovative treatments, will set a new standard for myopia management in the Detroit region.

Michigan Contact Lens invites both patients and healthcare professionals to visit the Myopia Control Center and experience the exceptional care and advanced solutions offered by Dr. Shira Kresch and her team. By harnessing their collective knowledge and passion, they aim to empower individuals with the tools and resources needed to maintain lifelong vision health.

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Dr. Shira Kresch, OD, MS

Myopia Management and Control

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Michigan Contact Lens is a leading provider of comprehensive vision care solutions dedicated to enhancing the ocular health and overall well-being of patients. With a team of experienced professionals and advanced technologies, Michigan Contact Lens is committed to delivering exceptional vision care services tailored to the individual needs of each patient.

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