A woman who experienced an unfortunate accident at a contact lens factory has been granted a substantial sum of money in compensation. Margaret Reid, a mother of four from Kilmacow, Co Kilkenny, sued Valeant Pharmaceuticals Ireland after a metal container fell from a defective roller trolley and injured her right shoulder and neck. The incident occurred at the Bausch and Lomb factory in Waterford on May 30th, 2015. Despite Valeant denying any negligence and claiming that Reid had exaggerated her injuries, the High Court ruled in her favor. The court found that Valeant should have taken preventative measures to reduce the risk of such accidents. Medical evidence revealed that Reid suffered from musculoskeletal injuries and required surgery for right-sided neuropathic pain. She also developed vocal cord palsy, affecting her voice. Although the court acknowledged that Reid may have overestimated the extent of her injuries, they recognized her as an honest witness who genuinely believed in her functional limitations. The judge awarded her €225,000 in general damages and an additional €50,703 for medical bills, resulting in a total compensation of €275,703.

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