How to Get a Contact Lens Prescription for Dry Eye Syndrome


Do you suffer from dry eyes and hate wearing glasses? If yes, then contact lenses can be a great option for you! But before jumping into buying contact lenses, you need to get a prescription from a licensed optometrist. In this article, we will discuss how to get a contact lens prescription for dry eye syndrome.

Step 1: Schedule an Appointment with an Optometrist

The first step towards getting a contact lens prescription for dry eye syndrome is to schedule an appointment with a licensed optometrist. Make sure you choose a reputable optometrist who has experience in working with patients who have dry eyes. During the appointment, the optometrist will perform a comprehensive eye exam to check the condition of your eyes and determine if you are a candidate for contact lenses.

Step 2: Discuss Your Dry Eye Symptoms

During your appointment with the optometrist, make sure to discuss your dry eye symptoms in detail. This will help the optometrist determine the best type of contact lenses for your needs. If you experience severe dry eye symptoms, the optometrist may recommend different types of lenses, such as silicone hydrogel lenses, which help to retain moisture.

Step 3: Try Out Different Contact Lenses

Once the optometrist has determined that you are a candidate for contact lenses, they will give you a trial pair to try out. It is important to wear them for the recommended length of time to determine how well they work for your dry eyes. You may need to try out different types of lenses to find the right fit for you.

Step 4: Follow Proper Care Instructions

To avoid further irritating your dry eyes, it is important to follow the proper care instructions for your contact lenses. This includes washing your hands before handling them, using the recommended cleaning solution, and replacing them as recommended.


Getting a contact lens prescription for dry eye syndrome is a process that requires a visit to a licensed optometrist. By discussing your dry eye symptoms, trying out different types of lenses, and following proper care instructions, you can find a comfortable and effective solution for your dry eyes. Don’t be afraid to ask questions and work closely with your optometrist to find the best fit for your needs.

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