How to Take Good Care of Your Patterned Contact Lenses


Welcome to the world of fabulous vision! Patterned contact lenses can transform your eyes into marvelous masterpieces. Whether you want sparkles, galaxies, or cat eyes, we’ve got you covered. But remember, with great style comes great responsibility. Let’s dive into our guide for caring for your patterned contact lenses with the utmost care and creativity!

Cleaning Techniques

Keeping your patterned contact lenses squeaky clean is crucial for eye health and prolonged use. Scrubbing them with dish soap may seem tempting, but hold your horses! Instead, follow these simple steps:

  1. Wash your hands: Always start by washing your hands with a mild soap and water. Avoid using grease-fighting dishwashing liquid, unless you plan on turning your eyes into a bubble bath (not recommended).
  2. Gentle is the way to go: Use a lens solution specifically made for soft contact lenses. Avoid using vinegar or lemon juice, no matter how fresh it smells! These lenses may be fabulous, but they don’t appreciate the zest!
  3. No tap dance, please: Never rinse your lenses with tap water or store them in it. Tap water may contain tiny microbes looking for an eye party, and believe us, you don’t want that. Instead, use the cleaning solution your optometrist recommends.
  4. Scrub-a-dub-dub: Give your lenses a gentle rub between your clean fingertips to remove any debris or mascara that may have cozied up on them. But be delicate, we’re talking about your precious eyes here.
  5. Storage time: Pop your patterned peepers into a clean lens case filled with fresh solution, ready for their nightly beauty sleep. Avoid sharing your lens case with friends, unless you want to know what their eyes really see!

Pro Tip: Never wear your patterned contacts while doing the dishes or swimming, unless you aspire to be a mermaid or a superhero. The chlorine won’t add any magical powers to your lenses, unfortunately!

Handling with Love

Your patterned contact lenses are like cherished accessories for your eyes. Show them some love with these handling tips:

  • Gentle giants: Handle your lenses with clean, dry fingertips. Avoid using long, sharp-tipped nails to prevent any accidental “oopsies!”
  • Schedule check-ins: Make regular appointments with your optometrist to review your eye health and ensure your contact lenses are still the right prescription for your fabulous peepers.
  • Beyond the expiration: Remember, patterned contact lenses have an expiration date. Don’t become a secret agent wearing expired lenses; replace them as advised by your optometrist.

Caution: Sharing your patterned contact lenses is like sharing your toothbrush. It’s a major no-no! Keep them to yourself and avoid any eye infections or explaining why your cat eyes magically appeared on your friend!

Rock Your Patterned Peepers!

Now that you know the secret to the long and happy life of your patterned contact lenses, you’re ready to flaunt your fabulous eyes. Always follow the instructions provided by your optometrist and enjoy the attention!

Remember, seeing the world in style can be fun, but taking care of your eyes is no joke!

Patterned Contact Lenses

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