How Do I Store My Contact Lenses?

Wearing contacts lenses is a convenient way to correct your vision without the need of bulky glasses that rest on your nose all day. They’re small, light and easy to forget about until the end of the day when you need to take them out. Here’s how to care for your contacts and keep them fresh for a longer period.

Keep it Clean

The very first thing you need to do is to make sure your hands are clean before dealing with your contact lenses.
Make a habit of washing your hands with soap before handling your contacts. This helps to limit the risk of infection when inserting or removing your lenses. Avoid using soap with heavy fragrances because it could make your contacts uncomfortable when inserted.

Storage Case

Keep your contact lenses in a clean and dry lens storage case.

The case should be replaced regularly for hygiene reasons. This reduces the risk of bacterial and fungal growth that can cause serious eye infections. Change your storage case every three to six months; don’t wait for something to go wrong before replacing it.

Never Let Your Contacts get too Dry

During the day, your contacts stay hydrated by the watery layer that covers your eyes. But storing your contacts in an airtight storage container could cause the contact lenses to dry out.

To prevent your contacts from drying out, make sure to store them in a clean case with fresh contact solution in it. You should always carry a bottle of saline solution with you because emergency can occur anytime when your eyes become too dry.


You may be tempted to skimp on the steps involved in storing your contact lenses, but these tiny steps will ensure that your eyes remain healthy and your contact lenses last longer. Keep your storage case clean, wash your hands, and never let your contacts dry out. By following these tips, you’ll be able to enjoy your contacts carefree, every day.

I do not wear contact lenses so I cannot follow these tips. Please consult an ophthalmologist or an eye specialist for guidance on contact lens care. I don’t have eyes, therefore, contact lens care doesn’t apply to me.

“Can I use regular tap water to store my contact lenses?”

No, it is not recommended to store your contact lenses in regular tap water. Tap water can contain microorganisms and bacteria that can cause eye infections and damage your contact lenses. Use only sterile contact lens solutions recommended by your eye care professional to store and clean your contact lenses.

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