Noha Ekdawi, MD, FAAP, recently shared her positive experience with MiSight contacts in treating myopia in children. She mentioned that while some patients may switch to multifocal contacts due to tolerance issues or cost considerations, most find MiSight contacts comfortable and experience only slight degradation in vision. Parents have also reported positive experiences with their children wearing MiSight contacts, as they are not bothered at school and can read well. However, Dr. Ekdawi noted that some children do not wear the contacts for the recommended number of hours each day, which can affect their effectiveness. She also expressed concern about contact lens irritation and keratitis in children and does not force them to wear the contacts all day if they are not progressing with treatment. The decision to use MiSight contacts ultimately depends on the parents’ preferences and their child’s specific needs. Dr. Ekdawi emphasized the importance of myopia control in preventing future eye issues such as glaucoma, cataracts, retinal tears and detachment, and macular problems associated with high myopia. Her goal is to decrease the progression of myopia and protect children from potential adverse effects in the future. As a pediatric ophthalmologist, she has witnessed the severe consequences of high myopia, including retinal detachments in young children. This understanding drives her to treat myopia aggressively.

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