Exciting Rumors Surrounding iPhone 16 Pro: Major Ultra-Wide Lens Upgrade for Enhanced Photography Experience

The iPhone 16 Pro is rumored to receive a major upgrade on its ultra-wide lens. According to a Weibo leaker with a good track record of hardware spoilers, Apple will be adding a 48MP sensor to the ultra-wide lens (via MacRumors).

This upgrade comes just a year after Cupertino introduced its first 48MP sensor with the iPhone 15 Pro. Interestingly, there are also reports suggesting that Apple plans to upgrade the telephoto lens with a 48MP sensor, but that will only happen with the iPhone 17 Pro.

By offering an improved sensor, the iPhone 16 Pro camera will be able to capture more light and enhance the results of pictures taken in 0.5x mode. Moreover, this update to the ultra-wide sensor is believed to be what Apple needs to offer 4K spatial videos.

With the iPhone 15 Pro, Apple introduced the Vision Pro feature, but it was limited to Full HD capture. However, it is expected that spatial videos will be expanded to the regular iPhone 16 models, while an enhanced version of this function will be available on the Pro versions.

Other changes to the iPhone 16 Pro cameras include a periscope lens for the smaller model. Apple is also said to be increasing the display size to 6.3- and 6.9-inch options, and adding 5x zooms to both Pro phones, not just the larger version.

For the primary lens of the Pro models, Apple will be using Sony’s newest 2-layer system, which can capture more light and reduce noise. This sensor will improve low-light photography and enhance dynamic range.

In addition to this iPhone 16 camera rumor, BGR has learned a lot about the upcoming features of this iPhone, including processors, improved battery life, and even forthcoming iOS 18 features, which will bring generative AI capabilities to the iPhone.

For more information about the iPhone 16, check out the article linked below.

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