Contact Lenses and Swimming: What You Need to Know

Can You Wear Contact Lenses While Swimming?

One of the common questions people ask is whether or not they can wear their contact lenses while swimming. The simple answer is no. Swimming pools and the water in them contain a variety of microorganisms that can get trapped behind your lenses and cause serious eye infections.

To avoid eye infections, it’s best to take your contact lenses out before swimming. If you’re going to be in the water for a long time, consider wearing prescription goggles instead.

What are Prescription Goggles?

Prescription goggles are specially made goggles that are designed to correct your vision while you swim. They function just like a regular pair of corrective eyeglasses, but they are designed to be waterproof and comfortable to wear in the water. They come in different sizes and styles so that you can find a pair that fits your face and has the prescription you need.

Benefits of Wearing Prescription Goggles

Prescription goggles are a great alternative to contact lenses while swimming. Here are some of the benefits of wearing prescription goggles:

  • They provide clear vision underwater, making it easier to see the pool’s depth and any obstacles in your way.
  • They reduce eye irritation caused by pool chemicals and microorganisms that can get trapped behind contact lenses.
  • They protect your eyes from UV radiation and reduce glare from the water surface.
  • They are comfortable to wear and do not require any maintenance, unlike contact lenses which require cleaning and replacement.

Tips for Maintaining Prescription Goggles

Just like any other piece of swim equipment, prescription goggles require proper care and maintenance to last. Here are some tips for maintaining your prescription goggles:

  • Rinse your goggles with clean water after each swim to remove any pool chemicals or microorganisms.
  • Store your goggles in a protective case to prevent scratches and damage.
  • Avoid touching the inside of your goggles, as it can smudge and blur your vision.
  • Replace your goggles when they start to show signs of wear or damage to maintain their effectiveness.


While it may be tempting to wear your contact lenses while swimming, it’s best to avoid it to prevent eye infections. Prescription goggles are a great alternative that provide clear vision underwater and protect your eyes from the harmful effects of pool chemicals and UV radiation. With proper care and maintenance, your prescription goggles can last for many swimming seasons.

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