How to Give Your Contact Lenses Some Beachy TLC!

Beach Bum, Meet‌ Your Contact Lenses

So, you ​decided to hit the beach and let your inner beach bum shine! It’s all sunglasses, sandy ⁢toes, and salty hair until​ you remember that you’re ⁤wearing contact ⁤lenses. Fear ​not, fellow ​beach-loving pals, because we’ve got you (and your lenses) covered!

A Splash‌ of Preparation

Before you bask in the ⁤beachy glory, make sure ⁤you’re prepared. Pack a ​handy contact ⁣lens⁢ kit with you, including a lens case, disinfecting‍ solution, and some rewetting drops. Trust me, you’ll thank yourself later for ‍this⁢ small but ⁣lifesaving gesture.

1. ​Rinse Like ⁢the Waves

Once ⁤you’re ​done frolicking in the ocean, find a clean spot‌ for a quick rinse. Use contact ​lens-friendly saline solution to gently rinse away any salt, ⁢sand, or seaweed that managed​ to sneak into your lenses. Remember, being gentle is key here; ⁣you don’t want to rough up‍ your precious little cornea windows!

2. Give Them a Lathering Hug

Next up, it’s time for a bubble bath! Place each lens‌ in ⁤the palm of your hand and add a few drops of your trusty disinfecting solution. Gently rub them⁤ with your fingertip for about 20⁣ seconds, making sure all⁢ nooks and crannies get some bubbly love. This helps remove any lurking bacteria or sunscreen, leaving ⁢your lenses squeaky clean!

3. ​Sweet⁤ Dreams in a ​Lens Case

After⁢ their luxurious bubble bath,​ your ⁣lenses deserve a cozy spot to rest. Pop them into the lens​ case, making sure to fill it with fresh disinfecting solution. Let them⁣ snooze ‍soundly overnight and remember to close the case tightly, so no curious ‌crabs‍ or mischievous seagulls decide to give them a whirl!

4. Morning ⁣Magic

The next morning, wake ⁢up⁢ your lenses by rinsing them with more saline solution. They ​might be feeling a little groggy,‌ just ‌like you before that first sip of coffee. Give them a good rinse to ⁣make ​sure they are clean, comfortable, ​and ready to help you seize the day – even if it’s another day at the ‌beach!

5. ⁤Don’t Just Wing It

Remember, it’s not a beach day without your trusty⁤ pair of shades! They protect your‍ eyes from harmful UV rays and keep pesky sand particles away. If you feel you need ⁣more protection or a break from your ⁢contacts,⁣ swap them out for prescription sunglasses or grab a trendy pair of⁣ non-prescription shades for a ⁢hassle-free beach day!

Have Fun and Stay Salty!

So, my⁢ fellow beach lovers,⁤ now you know the secret recipe for keeping your lenses sparkling⁤ clean after a day of seaside shenanigans. Embrace the sun, sand,​ and surf with the confidence that your ‌contact lenses are as fresh as ‍a sea breeze!

Disclaimer: The author of this article⁣ is not a professional optometrist. Please follow‌ the instructions and advice provided by⁣ your eye care professional or manufacturer ​for ​proper contact lens hygiene.


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