Contact Lens Care and Thanksgiving: Tips for Safe and Comfortable Wear

Celebrating Thanksgiving with Contact Lenses

Thanksgiving is a time for celebrating with family and friends, enjoying delicious food, and giving thanks for all the good things in your life. If you wear contact lenses, you may be a little worried about how to keep your eyes comfortable and healthy during the holiday festivities. But fear not! With a few simple tips and a little bit of planning, you can enjoy a safe and comfortable Thanksgiving with your lenses.

Caring for Your Contact Lenses

One of the most important things you can do to ensure your comfortable and healthy lens wear during Thanksgiving is to take proper care of your contacts. This means following your doctor’s directions for cleaning, storing, and replacing your lenses. It’s also important to avoid exposing your lenses to water (including showering or swimming with them in), and to always wash your hands before handling your lenses.

Hydrating Your Lenses

Thanksgiving can be a long and busy day, and your eyes may get tired and dry over the course of the festivities. To keep your lenses comfortable, be sure to use plenty of lubricating drops throughout the day. You can also try wearing lenses designed for dry eyes, or taking short breaks to rest your eyes and blink frequently.

Avoiding Irritants

Thanksgiving can also be a time for exposure to irritants that can make your eyes uncomfortable or even cause infection. Be careful around smoke, soot, and cooking fumes, and avoid touching your eyes with dirty hands or contaminated objects. If you do experience redness, itching, or discharge from your eyes, remove your lenses and check with your eye doctor before putting them back in.

A Note on Overindulgence

Finally, it’s worth mentioning that Thanksgiving is often a time for overindulgence in food and drink. While we fully support enjoying yourself, it’s important to remember that consuming too much alcohol or salty foods can lead to dehydration and dryness, which can affect your contact lens wear. Be sure to stay hydrated with plenty of water throughout the day, and consider limiting your intake of salty or spicy foods if you notice discomfort in your eyes.

Happy Thanksgiving from your Contact Lenses

With proper care and a little bit of attention, you can enjoy a safe and comfortable Thanksgiving with your contact lenses. So go ahead and dig into that turkey (or Tofurky), spend time with loved ones, and give thanks for all that’s good in your life. And if your lenses get a little tired or dry along the way, just remember to hydrate, avoid irritants, and take breaks as needed. Happy Thanksgiving!

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