The highly anticipated Apple Vision Pro headset hasn’t even hit the market yet, but a recent patent suggests that it could offer a solution for those who require prescription lenses. Apple has announced a partnership with Zeiss to provide special prescription lenses for the device. Since the headset is designed to be worn directly on the head, wearing glasses with it is not an option. Therefore, users without contact lenses will need to obtain a prescription lens from Zeiss that can be attached to the Vision Pro.

However, a patent application reveals that Apple may be exploring the use of liquid lens technology instead of traditional glass lenses. The patent, titled “Electronic Devices with Liquid Lenses,” describes how this technology could be implemented in future headsets. The patent explains that the lenses in a head-mounted device could be tunable liquid lenses, with actuator and pump systems that can deform the lens surfaces to adjust focus.

One of the advantages of using liquid lenses is their ability to rapidly change focus, eliminating the need for precise prescriptions. Liquid lenses can autofocus in just a few milliseconds, making them a promising option for improving the user experience. The patent also suggests that the Vision Pro could incorporate cameras and a LiDAR scanner to gather information about the user’s eyes and adjust the position of the eye boxes accordingly.

While it remains unclear when these advancements will be implemented in Apple’s products, it is encouraging to see the company’s commitment to improving accessibility for users who require prescription lenses. The Vision Pro is part of Apple’s ambitious spatial computer technology, and the company is dedicated to enhancing the user experience in any way possible.

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