In a recent interview with The Daily Dish, Aesha Scott opened up about Season 2 of Below Deck Down Under and her close relationship with Captain Jason Chambers. She described him as not only her captain but also her friend, even going as far as calling him her “fourth stew” on the boat. Aesha revealed that Jason is incredibly supportive and helps her with tasks like doing dishes and emptying bins. In return, she assists him with putting in his contact lenses every morning. This surprising revelation came to light in the Season 2 premiere when Jason called Aesha to his cabin for help. Aesha successfully managed to assist him, allowing the captain to be ready for the first charter guests. During an appearance on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen, Aesha jokingly mentioned Jason’s struggle with putting in contacts, suggesting that he could work on improving this skill. Jason admitted that he has trouble with his left contact lens and often drops them in the sink. Aesha humorously added that she helps him because she is a capable woman. The bond between Aesha and Jason on Below Deck Down Under is truly unique and showcases their supportive dynamic.

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